Wednesday, October 6, 2010

12 weeks – and morning sickness won’t go away

I’m now 12 weeks along in my pregnancy, and already wishing I were 37 weeks! The morning sickness has gotten better, but still pretty bad some days. While participating in the contest from, I came across Psi Bands.

Psi Bands use acupressure therapy to help prevent nausea due to pregnancy, chemotherapy, motion sickness, and many other types of nausea. They cost about $20 for 2 bracelets, which I thought was a small price to pay for relief! I ordered a set of Cherry Blossom Psi Bands (they offer a few different designs), and counted the days until they came in the mail. Luckily, Mom4Life has quick processing and shipping! I tried to put them on when I got them, but it was a little difficult to get them positioned correctly by myself. So, when hubby got home I had him help me re-position them.

I have worn them during the day on several occasions and they do seem to help. I wore one last night while I was asleep instead of taking my prescription medicine, and it helped enough to let me sleep. I didn’t even wake up feeling sick! They do take a little getting used to, and I still haven’t gotten used to wearing the one on my right arm, but for me wearing one seems to help. They are completely reusable and water-proof as well!

If you have nausea, I’d suggest trying these! Especially if you can’t afford a monthly prescription, or if you aren’t able to take nausea medications due to other medications, or if you just prefer the no-drug route!

If you want, you can check them out at Mom4Life…be sure to check out the other great items while you’re there!
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