Review Policy

Do you want an independant, honest review of your product or service? If you think would be of interest to me or my family, feel free to get in touch! I only review products that are relevant to my blog audience, which means products / services relevant to parents and their children.

I do not charge to review products or services; however, I do keep the product/samples that I receive. If you would like, you may also send a product for me to use as a giveaway on my blog. This increases the number of views to your post.

What do you get?

- A completely honest review on my blog. If I have an overall negative experience with your product, I will contact you first for guidance.

- My review will usually include pictures, if appropriate.

- You also receive promotion of the review on Facebook.

- You may use the text of my review in promotional literature, as long as you include acknowledgment of the text's source and the URL of the review. You may NOT reprint my review in a for-profit publication without my permission.

How to get it?

Email me at with the subject line “Blog Review” and the name of your product or service. Provide any details I will need to complete my review, including the URL of the Web site you would like me to use.
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