About Me

Meet Heather: I am from a small town in Alabama. I am the mother of a sweet 1 year old spunky 4 year old daughter and a smart, sassy 6 year old.  I have been married for 7 years to my husband, Kyle. I have a college degree (in Finance). I started this blog as a free-time (aka naptime) hobby, but life (AKA kids) happened and got me a little off-track, but I'm getting back to it! I enjoy sharing my "real mom" views on products that I have tried-- I hope it helps some of you other moms out there. I also enjoy helping other moms promote their businesses!. You'll notice a lot of book reviews also - my whole family loves to read!

Meet the Dreamer: She is the oldest and is a people - pleaser. She goes into shy-mode around strangers but can be amazingly observant!  I'm amazed at all that she is learning at this age.  We started homeschooling her at age 3 and are still going strong 3 years later

Meet the Princess:  She has been a handful from day 1.  She is the complete opposite of her big sister.  She's wild and crazy, too smart, stands her ground, and figures out how to get what she wants, usually by climbing or sweet-talking.  She adds that spark of excitement to my life and definitely keeps us all on our toes!

Meet the Baby:  She is the youngest and is spoiled by everyone.  Her big sisters like to carry her around like a baby doll.  She is learning to talk, sign, and scream to get her way.  Life just got a little crazier!

Meet Daddy: My wonderful husband who loves me dearly :)  He is a wonderful dad...I know this because he changes diapers ... cloth diapers!

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