Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sammy, the Little Broken Shell by Carol Hamblet Adams

Sammy, the Little Broken Shell” was written by Carol Hamblet Adams and Illustrated by Linda Clearwater.  This is a longer book, suitable for ages 4 and up I would think (unless you just have a patient toddler that loves stories).  In the book, Sammy the seashell, shows how good he is at sports and how many friends he has.  One day he gets his shell broken saving his sister, and all but one of his friends makes fun of him.  He later proves that his broken shell made him who he was and made him able to help someone else in need. 

I thought this was a very cute book about how important it is to be yourself, and also teaches kids that it hurts others’ feelings if we make fun of them. The book includes some easy discussion questions at the end so that you can get your child talking about the situation and how they would have handled it.  It is a great way to start talking to your child about bullying!  We all know it happens, but many of us have trouble knowing how to discuss it with our kids.  This book can definitely help with that!  The pictures in the book are very colorful.  Sydney loves to look at the book, but isn’t patient enough for the full story yet.  I would definitely recommend this book to anyone with a young child!

**I received this book from Harvest House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.**
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