Friday, March 18, 2011

My Baby's Green Cloth Diaper Review

Awhile back, My Baby's Green had a 50% off sale and I took that opportunity to try out their AIO cloth diapers, organic fitted diapers, and the Sweet Knee Bun Glaze.  My Baby's Green is fully operated by a WAHM to three (ages 23 years, 17 years, and 17 months)!  Her goal is to provide quality Eco-friendly, organic products to other parents.  Her cloth diapers are made in the USA!  The owner is very quick to respond to any questions about her products, which is great since I had a few questions about the diapers.  She also has SUPER quick shipping - even during the 50% off sale!  I was amazed by how quickly my orders arrived.  Be sure to check My Baby's Green out on Facebook to stay up to date on sales.

On to my review...

AIO Cloth Diapers - Ok, these are better than AIO if you ask me.  They can be stuffed like a pocket diaper, or you can just snap the insert to the diaper like an AIO.  These diapers come with a bamboo/microfleece insert (which is super soft).  These diapers have an adjustable rise which should fit babies from 10-35lbs.  My 26 lb daughter uses them, and they fit great.  This diaper does have velcro closures, but they overlap so that it fits even skinny kids like mine very well.  If I use an extra insert with this diaper, it usually works overnight.  Every now and then my daughter will leak through it at night time, but she is a heavy wetter. It works fine during the day, and is a pretty trim fitting cloth diaper.  My hubby does have trouble getting this diaper on correctly.  For some reason when he puts it on, the "wings" start drooping and if I don't fix it the diaper will leak.  We have yet to figure out what he's doing wrong, but I don't have this problem (must be a guy thing haha).  Diaper is being discontinued and is selling for under $9 now!

Organic Fitted Cloth Diaper - This diaper is being discontinued and is currently selling for $5.15 which is an awesome price!  This diaper is made from cotton/fleece and is approximately size small/medium.  It has soft elastic around the legs, and hook and loop (velcro) closure.  This diaper fits Sydney and works great.  The rise is a little short for her, but we haven't had any issues because of that.  This was the first fitted diaper I ever bought, and I love the absorbancy of it.  The velcro is extremely sticky on this diaper, and I plan to remove it this weekend so that I can use the diaper with a snappi.  If you are looking to try fitteds, I would recommend getting a few of these since the price is amazing!

Sweet Knee Bun Glaze - I bought the Bun Glaze during the 50% off sale as well. I have been looking around for cloth diaper safe rash relief, and decided to try this one.  Bun Glaze is a non-medicated alternative to diaper rash ointments.  There are no "barrier-type" ingredients like petroleum, so the skin is able to breathe even when using this glaze.  This is a VERY daddy-friendly glaze.  You simply pump the glaze onto the area and you're done!  No touching needed!  This is also great is you have a sensitive child or a bad rash.  Sydney had a prett bad rash a little while back and she didn't want to be touched, so this glaze was a miracle! 

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