Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Madness!

First off, WINNERS!

Skoy Cloth winners - Savayla and Flutterbynature

Itty Bitty Laylah Love - Emmanjake

Congratulations!  I'll be emailing you three soon!

March Madness!

Well, actually it was February madness thanks to our internet provider.  Open Range decided to re-organize their towers so that our internet box HAD to be in our nursery to work.  And we don't have Wi-Fi on our main computer and my laptop needs a new battery, so we were just out-of-luck according to them.  (Thanks for the help, right? haha)..Well, we ended up calling Charter and using them again, even though I said I'd never go back when we cancelled a couple of years ago! Charter is still very much annoying - if you call, you can't get the same deals as online, but if you sign up online they won't waive the installation fee (they had nothing to install at my house, my husband does IT work and prefers to do it himself).  The Charter installation guy showed up AN HOUR early...which normally would have been fine, but the dogs were still loose in the house and Sydney was asleep.  All of the barking woke her up, which made me a not-so-happy pregnant mommy, but at least we finally have internet!

Virtual Baby Shower: What Every Mom Wants

As most of you know (but may have forgotten haha), I'm pregnant with daughter #2!  Since I'm due April 17th, I decided to do something special for the month of March!!  I'm going to do a "Virtual Baby Shower" and focus on reviewing items that new moms need (or want).  I thought this would be a great time to focus on the little babies!  As always, not everyone will agree with my opinions, so feel free to add your comments and experiences as well!  When I was a new mom, I was always glad to read helpful reviews and the comments from other moms.  If you think my opinion is completely wrong, feel free to say so, but please remember to be nice about it!  I will not allow rude comments (I don't think we will have this problem-I'm just putting it out there).  I hope you all will tell the expecting or new moms you know about my blog-I want this month to be an extremely helpful month for them. 

Due to my internet issues, I will be posting some of my not-infant-related product reviews as well, but for the most part the reviews will focus on mom and baby.  Look for giveaways throughout the month as well!!
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