Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lady Lullaby - "Midnight Lullaby"

A little about Jane and "Midnight Lullaby"

Jane Roman Pittis a folk singer who has a 40-year legacy in the folk music world.  She is a mother and a grandmother herself. She has recorded a beautiful lullaby record, "Midnight Lullaby," that includes covers of this generation's favorite contemporary songwriters, including Wilco, Sade, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan and The Dixie Chicks. Her album was created to be a soothing collection of songs for mommy and baby! 

Here is how "Midnight Lullaby" was created:
"To get ready for the arrival of my granddaughter, Annalise, I started collecting lullabies. Since the beginning of human communication, singing lullabies has been a way to give comfort. The cultures, languages, and musical styles may vary, but the message is the same: “I love you very much, I’m here, and please go to sleep now because I’m really tired!” From the hundreds of wonderful lullabies that I found from all around the world, I created "Midnight Lullaby" by choosing a collection of beautiful new bedtime songs by contemporary songwriters."
My Review

As a mom, I get tired of listening to some of Sydney's lullaby CD's, but I usually tolerate them if she likes them (especially on long trips in the car).  I definitely prefer the modern day lullaby CD's made with parents in mind over the kids only lullaby CDs.  We have a few modern day lullaby CDs (You may remember my review awhile back for Cradle Rock CDs).  I enjoy those, but I have often wished that they had words with the music so that I could easily sing along (I have a habit of forgetting words).  So I was very glad to see-well, hear- that "Midnight Lullaby" had words with the music!  I'll be honest, I did recognize many of the songwriters, but very few of the songs themselves so I still can't sing along.  But I have a feeling I'll be singing along soon enough with baby #2 on the way!  Jane's vocals, along with the musicians, definitely creates a soothing atmosphere for going to sleep! 

Be sure to check out Lady Lullaby's Blog (here) and Facebook page (here).
You can also listen to previews of the CD here!

**I received a copy of "Midnight Lullaby" in exchange for my honest review.  No other compensation was received.**
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