Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas List 2010 - Lovable Labels

Ok, so this isn't a normal "Christmas gift" - but they do have holiday packs available and ANY mom would be glad to receive these (probably more than another noisy toy haha).  So let me go back and tell you a little about Lovable Labels before I give you my full review!

About the Company
Lovable Labels was founded by a mom, Laura, who had a need for labels - her child was attending daycare and ALL items had to be labeled (cups, jackets, shoes, lunch, and so on..).  She soon realized the huge need for personalized, kid-tough, long-lasting labels.  After lots of research and testing, she created a line of labels bright, colorful, and durable.  The lines were: Regular, Slimline Stickers, Shoe Labels, Iron-ons, and Bag Tags.  The Regular and Slimline are microwave/dishwasher safe (perfect for sippy cups and bowls).  The Iron-ons last through washing and drying, and the Shoe Labels have extra adhesive!  In 2003, Lovable Labels was started!  Today, Laura has included fundraising options especially for schools and daycares!

My Review
Lovable Labels has so many different items available now, from stick on clothing dots (washer/dryer safe) to metal bag tags!  They were nice enough to send us the Holly Jolly Gift Pack - Christmas Jewels to try out.  These are personalized tags, with your choice of picture from their selection.  The gft pack included: 15 multi-purpose stickers, 40 slimline labels, 12 shoe labels, 24 press n' stick clothing dots in various sizes, and 2 mini-metal tags - everything you need to start labeling!

These labels are VERY easy to use, and so far have worked well for us!  Sydney isn't in daycare, but she has playdates, storytime at the library, and church so we always need things labeled as well.  I love the mini-metal tags!  They are great for attaching to diaper bags!  These would make a great gift for the new mom or toddler that seems to have all the toys and clothes they need!  I'd love to recieve these as a gift instead of more toys (I'm sure Sydney would disagree haha).

Be sure to check out their holiday gift packs HERE and for a limited time, you get a set of gift seals FREE!
Also, check out their facebook page HERE for more deals and giveaways!

**I received labels in exchange for my honest review.  See full disclosure for more information.
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