Thursday, March 11, 2010

Offspring – Quality cloth diapers made with love

How cute are these??

I was recently given a chance to review these cloth diapers from Offspring, and I was very excited! I love that I can buy my daughter quality hand-made items from other moms!  Offspring’s official Grand Opening was February 14, 2010. The owner, Rachel, states on her main page, “My goal is to make cloth diapering easy and fun so more people will give it a try. Maybe the pleasure in using cloth diapers will surprise you. I know it surprised me!” I have only been cloth diapering for the last 2 months (but have tried many brands of diapers), and I have been pleasantly surprised by how easy it is!

First things first…A little about the diapers!

Offspring’s pocket diapers have a Micro Chamois interior (which is SUPER soft-Sydney likes to hold these diapers after I’ve washed them lol). They also have a hidden waterproof PUL layer with a 100% cotton exterior. With these pocket diapers, you do not need a separate cover. There is a wide strip of Velcro, which will fit a variety of waist sizes without trouble. Offspring prefers to use Velcro for the wider range of fit and also because of the ease of use in the middle of the night. The diapers do not have topstitching on the leg openings. The microfleece “turns out” around the leg openings and helps keep the moisture inside without binding or grabbing at your baby’s legs.

The diapers come with one insert that is microfiber on one side and flannel on the other. Microfiber holds more fluid without being as bulky as other fibers. This inserts can be folded to give three layers absorbency in the pocket diaper OR you can even use them in a diaper cover with the flannel side touching your baby. The small sizes can be used as doublers in larger sizes. The diapers come in sizes from extra-small (0-8lbs) all the way to large (18-28 lbs). Care instructions are also included with each diaper order, which is great if you’re new to cloth!
2 folded inserts

What did I think?

I think that everyone should get one of these diapers and “try” cloth diapering! I have been surprised at how much I like cloth diapering (and it’s great to not have to buy disposables). The first thing I noticed about these diapers was how amazingly soft the inside was…surely something this soft can’t hold in leaks! But it did! It is recommended to wash the diapers/inserts 4-5 times to get the maximum absorbency from the microfleece. I couldn’t wait; I washed them once and put them on Sydney. We didn’t have any trouble with leaks! I did use a doubler insert at naptime and bedtime to help prevent leaks.

My favorite thing about these diapers is that they fit snugly around Sydney’s legs without binding or leaving marks. The microfleece “rolls out” so that she feels the soft part on her legs instead of rough elastic. These are a little more bulky than the “Flip” diapers we have (they are just an insert you lay in a cover), but these stay in place so much better that I don’t mind. We just moved up to the next size in jeans to fix that problem! Also, when washing I prefer the snaps, but I have grown to love Velcro over the last 2 weeks! Since Sydney has become more active and squirmy during diaper changes, it is MUCH easier to Velcro than snap!

Oh, one last thing…You can also buy cloth wipes from Offspring! If you are cloth diapering, these are great because you can throw them in the wash with the diapers and not have to worry about a separate trash can for them!

So, go check out Offspring’s store HERE and check out the absolutely adorable fabrics she has! These make for very cute diaper-only pictures! These are the cutest (and softest) cloth diapers Sydney has!


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