Saturday, March 20, 2010

CushytOOsh Cloth Diapers and More

Company Overview:
Cushy Toosh has a great team of Amish/Menonites that sew their cloth diapers! They are made right here is the U.S. which is great to know! They put a lot of work behind each and every diaper (along with other related products). The have one size pocket diapers and also special nitenite diapers made to last through the night. The owner, Susie, is a mother of 4 and created Cushy Toosh in order to make good quality and affordable cloth diapers so that more families could afford to start cloth diapering.

Our Thoughts:
I received a One Size Pocket cloth diaper from Cushy Toosh to try out on my daughter (Sydney). The first thing I noticed about this diaper was the bright yellow fabric that was used in mine! They have several bright color fabrics to choose from. It is a pretty thin diaper as well. It fits easily under my daughter’s normal clothing, including jeans. It is made with snaps (no Velcro at all), which makes washing easier since you don’t have to worry about diaper chaining. The diapers have a 6 month snap warranty. Just mail back the diaper (not insert) with defective snaps, and they will replace the snaps for you!

The diaper is a snug fitting diaper, but seems as though it will fit a wide variety of sizes (7-35 pounds). It has little gussetts on the legs for leak protection. While this does help, it bothers me that it leaves marks on Sydney’s skin. It fits pretty snug around her thighs, but it hasn’t seemed to bother her yet. The pocket style opening means you can add as many absorbent layers as you need! They send one of their inserts which has worked pretty well for us. They use 3 super heavy layers of cotton/sherpa instead of microfiber. We do have to add extra at naptime and bedtime to prevent leaks. The opening for the insert is rather small. My husband can’t stuff this diaper at all, and it takes me a little more effort to get the insert in flat as opposed to other pocket diapers.

Overall we really like the cuteness and absorbency of these diapers. I also recommend buying / making cloth wipes to go with your cloth diapers. It adds a little laundry, but you don’t have to have a separate trash can.

SPECIAL:  You can buy them for $14.95 each HERE, but as usual you pay less when you buy in bulk.  If you order 5 diapers you get a FREE Nite Nite diaper and 5 Free Cloth Diaper Wipes!

A complimentary product was provided for this review, but all opinions are completely mine. I was not compensated in any other way for this review.


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