Monday, December 13, 2010

Go Green Lunchbox

Do you ever get tired of trying to decide how to pack your child's lunch?  Or where to get tiny containers to put their food in?  Well, Go Green Lunch box has the solution!  Instead of wrapping each food seperately or using several plastic containers (many of which will get thrown away or lost), Go Green Lunch boxes gives you a way to pack all food seperately and eliminate some of the wasteful plastic!

I wanted to include this picture so you could see just how useful this lunch box can be!  The lunch box has 5 seperate containers (2 larger, 2 smaller, and 1 for the included water bottle). When the box is closed, you can turn the "switch" on the outside which will help seal the food in the containers.  The lid is attached by retention clips so that it doesn't fall off or get lost, but is easily detached for washing.  The lunch box is top-rack dishwasher safe.  The lunch bag is very easy to wash clean with a damp cloth.  One of my favorite parts of this lunch box is the small dry erase board inside the lunch bag.  It gives you a great space to leave little notes for your child! 

I was sent the Camo Lunch Set (seen HERE) for my review.  I like this lunchbox a lot, but it is a little expensive at $32.99.  It does save you a lot of juice boxes, plastic wrap, and containers though.  The bag is very sturdy, and since the whole lunch box is hard, you don't have to worry about foods getting squished.  My 13 year old sister took mine to schoolone day to try it out.  She said it worked well for keeping the food seperate, but it was a tight fit in her locker.  We have also had trouble with the water bottle lid.  It is very hard to get open.  My husband can open it fine, but I have to use my mouth to pull the top open.  I will probably be using mine more for baby food/snacks than anything.  Overall, this is a great (sturdy) lunch set - just make sure you let your child practice with the water bottle before sending them to school with it.

Here is a picture of the lunch box I received:
 **I received a lunch box in exchange for my review.  See full disclaimer for more information.**
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