Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"One Hand, Two Hands" by Max Lucado - Book Review

How many of you have heard of Max Lucado?  I'm sure many of you have...he has written kids books, such as "Just in Case You Ever Wonder" (a book I personally love), several books for adults, bible studies, and many of you may know him from the kids "Hermie and Friends" DVD series.  Anytime I pick up a book or movie by Max Lucado, I expect great things. 

When I received a hardback copy of his new children's book "One Hand, Two Hands" from Booksneeze I was excited.  I immediately grabbed Sydney and told her we were going to read a new book (she loves to read just like her mommy).  It starts with a letter to parents on how to use this book to teach your child.  I love it when authors do this!  It gives a little insight as to why they wrote the book the way they did.  This book is all about the things hands can do.  It is written in rhymes, with short sentences and large print.  Sydney loved the colorful pictures and animals throughout the book.  She loved clapping and snapping and waving her hands with the words in the book.  They story ends with a short prayer to God about using their hands again.

The last page in the book is a great way to take this book to the next level for older toddlers.  It helps them learn what helping hands, kind hands, and loving hands can do and gives them a chance to say ways their hands can be helping hands to others. 

As usual, I love this book by Max Lucado!  The pictures and the message are both great!  The short story can be enjoyed by young toddlers, and as they get older you can let them help tell how hands can be helping.  

*I received this book from Booksneeze in exchange for my honest review, which I have given.**

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