Friday, September 24, 2010

In Every Heartbeat by Kim Vogel Sawyer

I received “In Every Heartbeat” by Kim Vogel Sawyer from Bethany House Publishers to review. I haven't been reading a lot of fiction books since Sydney was born (we pretty much stick to board books haha), but lately I have started reading (and enjoying) them again. Fiction books are a nice way to escape reality for a few minutes.

“In Every Heartbeat” is a christian fiction novel about 3 kids (Libby, Pete, and Bennett) who grew up together in an orphanage and end up going to college together on scholarship. Their relationships with each other change constantly while they try to figure out how to do the things they want, make new friends, find jobs, and make time for each other. They each struggle with trying to “fit in” somewhere. Being “unwanted” orphans has caused each of them to feel completely different about their lives. When Libby finds an unexpected secret about Pete's family, it causes hurt, confusion, and even more changes for them. Will they get through it and remain close friends? Or will they finally take separate paths?

I enjoyed this book, though it did start out fairly slow. The characters are very easy to sympathize with, which is important to me when I'm reading a fiction novel. It is a romance novel, but not the typical romance story. God and his love is shown throughout the book, along with appropriate romance between some characters. The only thing I didn't really like about the book was that, at the end, one of the characters turns her life over to God, and after that the actions of some of the characters seem a little unrealistic. I'm glad that God was plainly shown in the book, but I wish it had been interwoven a little more realistically.

**I received this book in exchange for my honest review, which I believe I have given.**
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