Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wordy Wednesday :)

Today was storytime at our local library, so we decided to do a little shopping afterwards.  By the way, if you have kids, check your local library.  Most have free storytimes for younger kids (babies-preschool)...we LOVE going to storytime!  It's also a good place to rent kids dvds and books!

After storytime, Sydney & I shared a burger from Five Guys...yum yum!  Then we headed over to Target and Petsmart...and I just want to brag about how much I saved today! :)  Everyone needs to brag a little every now and then, right??

Target:  Spent $15.36, Saved $56.79 and got ALL of this (20 items):

PetSmart:  Spent $2.17, Saved $12, Got this (5 items):

I love shopping and saving money! 
Check out my two favorite coupon "help" sites:

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