Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A little help for the homeschoolers

As a home school mom, I have had many challenges. One thing I have found is that there are different learning styles for each child. All children want to learn, we just have to find the correct way to teach that child. Many of the children today are used to high-tech toys, such as computers, ipods, etc. As parents and teachers we want to sit them down to what they call “boring” books and try to teach them. This is okay, if it works. But you have some children that want the excitement of high-tech in learning.

This can be a great challenge to many teachers and home school moms or dads if you don’t know the benefits that are available to you through online teaching. One such website I have visited recently is KC Distance Learning Inc. I visited this website to see how it works and if it would benefit me in teaching my teenage daughter. My daughter loves high-tech gadgets. She loves learning in different areas. One day she wants to learn in the car, the next it might be out in the open at the park. This can make it very difficult if we have to pack up all of the books for the day and head out. I can see where KC Distance Learning can be of great benefit if you have a daughter like mine. There would be no need to pack up anything but the computer!

In doing my research while reviewing KC Distance Learning I found two statistics that were very intriguing to me. In a recent survey they found that 58% of online students get more help when they fall behind vs. 40% in traditional schooling. Also the same survey found that online students have more interest in attending a 4 year college after graduation than students in traditional school. 78% vs. 67%. Even taking into consideration that home schooling is different from traditional schooling, these statistics are eyebrow raising. I know that the students of today live in a faster pace world and enjoy learning in different ways, that is one reason I decided to look into KC Distance Learning.

I can also see the benefits of KC Distance Learning in the traditional school setting. If a child is struggling to keep up in class or is excelling to the point that they are bored in class, KC Distance Learning can help in both situations. I can see this website helping those that just can’t seem to “get it”. I can also see this site helping those that are wanting more but traditional school isn’t providing more learning opportunities to keep them interested.

We can all see the many changes in technology over the past few years. I can see online schooling through websites like KC Distance Learning becoming one of the most sought after ways of learning in the near future. This type of learning is going to be essential as our children’s generations become more and more high tech.

Overall, I think this website can be beneficial to the home school family, those that are struggling in traditional school and those that are excelling and bored with traditional schools. KC Distance Learning also can benefit those that want to continue their education even after they are out of high school. I think this is a great website for any teacher, mother, or dad to look into if they have a child in either category.

I recieved a $20 gift card in exchange for the time I took to review this website.  No other compensation was recieved and all opinions are my (Anita) own.  See full disclaimer for more details.
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