Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ohhh Sydney....

I promised some pictures from my Memorial Day weekend...and maybe I'm a little slow, but I'm posting some now!

I also have a question for you all!  Some of you may have seen this on Facebook earlier, but for those of you who didn't, here is the problem:

Sydney, 16 months old, has started getting her legs stuck in her crib slats (during her naps).  I found her 2 days ago with one leg stuck (her knee was the main problem).  I used a lot of vaseline and wiggled it out.  This morning, I found her laying on her stomach with BOTH legs stuck-up to her diaper!  She was wearing pants this time, so vaseline wouldn't help.  For some reason-I say God-I put her in 2T pajamas last night and they were a little big, so with a lot of effort on my part (and crying on Sydney's part), I wriggled one leg out of the pajamas at a time.  Then applied a LOT of vaseline and wriggled her little legs out. 

Her poor legs are red and bruised-mainly from her pulling them before I could get them out.  They look so sad!  Anyways,  do you all have any opinions on what to do?  I am thinking a toddler bed.  She doesn't stand in her crib anymore, and she goes straight to sleep when we lay her down, but she is quite young.  I don't think bumper pads will help-she always put her legs under/over them when she was younger so we took them out to prevent using them to climb. 

I worried that if I hadn't gotten her out when I did, she could have lost circulation.  Thankfully, we have a video monitor so I keep an eye on her.  ANY advice/opinions are appreciated!

Sydney wanted to wear Daddy's socks
The Jubilee Festival at Point Mallard

Megan (my younger sister) and I
Sydney & Daddy
Splashing in her pool
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