Monday, February 15, 2010

Parents Mom and Baby Fitness 2-DVD Deluxe Edition

The Mom and Baby Fitness Deluxe Edition includes 2 DVDs; one for use with a young baby and one for use with a toddler. You can watch it start to finish or you can do the 3 mini workouts separately. For parents, it tones arms, thighs, rear, and abs, burns calories, and promotes bonding with your baby / toddler. For the babies and toddlers, it encourages strength and flexibility and improves balance and coordination.

The first time Sydney and I worked out with this DVD I laughed. I didn’t think it was going to give me any kind of workout. There are 3 parents with their children to show you how to do the exercises, and the DVD starts out kind of slow. I quickly realized that even a slow-paced workout is still a workout! They use yoga, Pilates, and stretching to help you tone and strengthen your body, and everything is focused around your child which is great. I enjoyed having a workout I could do and still feel like I was playing with Sydney. I have to say the next morning my lower body was definitely sore, and Sydney and I have continued to use this DVD to workout (Sydney has learned to copy my squats).

For those of you that work out on a regular basis or that like fast-past workouts, this DVD set is probably not for you; however, moms with young babies and moms that want something simple to help get their body back (like me!) will probably enjoy this DVD. If you have any more questions about this DVD set, feel free to ask!


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