Monday, February 15, 2010

Brainy Baby - Music: Discovering Musical Horizons DVD

I came across Brainy Baby because of a friend. I was told that Brainy Baby will give you a free DVD to try (you pay shipping-mine was $6.95). Since Sydney loves anything musical, I decided that the Brainy Baby Music DVD was the one I would choose. It is labeled for kids ages 2-5 and states that it will introduce your child to rhythm and tempo, melody and harmony, and musical instruments.

I assumed it was going to be similar to Baby Einstein (which Sydney still loves), but I was completely wrong. The Brainy Baby Music DVD is quite different. They sing a lot of songs and play a lot of different instruments. They go through a lot of musical terms and name the types of music (country, blues, etc.). Sydney really likes this DVD a lot! They have kids that sing and play the instruments, and it is pretty fast-paced to keep kids attention.

I have been very impressed with this company overall! The DVDs have been proven recently to promote learning in toddlers and I think most kids would enjoy the DVDs. I don’t think t.v. time should take the place of sitting down and playing / teaching your kids, but it’s nice to know your kids are watching something educational when they watch t.v. and Brainy Baby DVDs are good for that!

I highly recommend you take advantage of the free DVD from Brainy Baby, and while you’re there check out their clearance section (they usually have some great deals) and sign up for the newsletter. They send out emails about big sales (usually 60% off sales)!!


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