Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hermie & Friends: Antonio Meets His Match

Our family, my three-year-old daughter in particular, loves all of the Hermie DVDs by Max Lucado. I was recently given the opportunity (from Thomas Nelson Publishing) to review the latest in the Hermie series, ‘Antonio Meets His Match.’

Upon opening the DVD, my daughter was immediately thrilled and ready to watch it! We began movie, and even my 16 month old son sat through the entire show (which doesn’t happen often). Throughout the entire show, my daughter laughed and interacted with the characters, and, when it was finished, she wanted to watch it again. She would definitely recommend the movie!

While, I do enjoy the Hermie DVDs, as a mom, I am always hesitant to offer my recommendations on a movie that I myself have not watched in its entirety. However, I must say that I love the lesson that is so clearly taught through this cute story…”to love your neighbor as yourself “ (Luke 10:27). Antonio Ant is known as the bravest of the brave in the garden. He always wins the strength competition, but also uses his strength to often help his neighbors, too. When the garden becomes home to a group of Scottish ants, Angus being the main “new” character, Antonio is looked to for help in ridding the garden of these different (and quite annoying) new neighbors. But, when Antonio talks to God concerning his annoying new neighbor and the garden friends’ desire to have them gone, God answers by telling him that he should “love as I have loved you.” We see Hermie and friends learning what it means to truly love, despite differences.

The Bible truths are solid, the characters are loveable and funny, and the songs and music are great! I didn’t see anything in the movie that I would question. I would recommend this movie to anyone with younger children. It’s a great way to reinforce God’s command to love.
Thanks to Marsha at Desires of my Heart for reviewing this product!


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