Friday, February 12, 2010

FLIP Cloth Diapers

When my daughter was first born a year ago, I laughed at the thought of cloth diapering! I thought it was great for the moms that could do it, but I never thought I could do it…of course, I was thinking about the “old” cloth diapering (wrap cloth around baby, pin together, and hope you don’t get leaked on). Then I read a post about cloth diapering on a blog I have been following (Mom4life) and it got me interested. I started doing some research and decided to give it a try.

But what to try? I had no idea! Then Heather at Mom4Life sent me an email about some new budget-friendly diapers from Cotton Babies (the maker of BumGenious). They are Flip cloth diapers. The day pack comes with 2 covers (they just added several new spring colors) and 6 stay-dry inserts. They also sell individually, but it is more cost-effective to buy a day pack.

The Flip diapers have snaps instead of Velcro, which comes in handy when washing (and also if your little one learns how to un-do Velcro). The many snaps can be a little confusing if you’ve never used them before, but the Flip diapers come with picture instructions for different size babies. The inserts simply lay inside the cover (tuck under flaps at the front and back), which makes changing a diaper pretty quick! When changing, simply toss the insert into your pail, wipe the inside of the cover, and place in a new insert. You can use the same cover several times!

The stay-dry inserts that come with the diapers worked great for Sydney! She didn’t even leak over her naps (which has been a problem even with disposables occasionally). You can also buy disposable inserts when traveling to make cloth diapering on-the-go easy. We also tried a regular pre-fold insert with our Flip diapers to see how well it would stay in place and we had no trouble with it either! These diapers are very slim as well, which allowed Sydney’s normal jeans to fit (we’ve had to go up a size in clothes for some cloth diapers).

We love these! The price is great for Mom’s on a budget and it is made by an already trusted company, Cotton Babies.

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  1. Loved your review Heather! Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know how the Flip diapers worked for you, so glad you are enjoying them too!
    ~Heather L.