Saturday, April 30, 2011

Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness month, and I was provided a book to review from Workman Publishing that is geared towards autistic kids!  I apologize for posting this on the last day of the month, but due to childbirth and then power outages due to storms, I am just now getting to post it.

Workman Publishing has some great books for all ages!  This time they provided me with a copy of "Point to Happy" by Miriam Smith and Afton Fraser.  This is a very simple book geared towards kids on the autism spectrum.  "Point to Happy" is a large board book that comes with its own pointer finger.  The pointer helps implement the motor tasks of holding and pointing.  The photographs in the book are large and simple.  The sentences are short and easy to understand.  If your child is a visual learner, then this book can definitely be a helpful tool!

When we received this book, Sydney was so excited!  No, she isn't autistic, but she loves books and she enjoys trying to find the correct pictures that go with the sentences I'm reading.  The pointer is very easy for her to use and seems to be very sturdy.  After reading the book together a few times, she will "read" it to herself.  She will say, "Which one is sad?" and then point to the boy that is sad and continue through the book.  I think this book would be very helpful for any young kids.  It shows pictures of daily activities like playing, sleeping, brushing teeth, and also emotions like sad, happy, mad, etc.  I love that this is a large board book so that I don't have to worry about torn pages!

If you know of any parents or teachers that help teach autistic children, please tell them about this book so they can see if it would be of help in their situation!
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