Monday, January 3, 2011

Smelly Washer - Review

Do you have a smelly washer? Or maybe smelly towels that were left too long before washing? (I'm bad about this one with beach towels in the summer).  If you've had any of these problems, you definitely want to read this review!

I recently came across Smelly Washer and Smelly Towel Odor Remover.  I have never noticed any smells from my washer, but like I said...I do have a smelly towel problem in the summer...somehow those beach towels just end up left in the car or bag after trips to the waterpark! 

What causes a smelly washer?  See their blog for a list of causes HERE.  The main cause is overuse of detergent, which causes build-up on washers, and creates a breeding ground for mold and mildew.  Smelly Washer was created to clean your washer of these things.   Since I cloth diaper, I thought it was probably a good idea to start using Smelly washer on a regular know, just to make sure mold and mildew don't show up in my washer!  It is simple to use.  Just add a capful to a hot water soak, let it soak for a few hours, and let the rinse cycle take over.  Easy enough for me!

Smelly Towel Odor Remover was created specifically for towels and clothing that have a musty or mildew smell.  It is VERY simple to use!  Just add a teaspoon of Smell Towel to your load of clothing!  This really works on towels!  I have a fabric laundry basket that we use for towels, and *blush* I've found mold spots on it before because we put wet towels in it...and they stay there until wash day.  This has been (and will be this summer, I'm sure) a great product to use!
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