Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rockin Green - Cloth Diaper and Laundry Detergent

I was happy to finally be able to try Rockin' Green Soap recently.  I have heard a lot of mixed reviews from cloth diapering moms.  It seems a lot really love it, and a lot really dislike it.  I definitely wanted to try it for myself to see what I thought about it.

Rockin’ Green is: Dye free, Comes in several scents & an unscented version, no fillers, no enzymes, 100% Phosphate free, and is Vegan!  Rockin' Green has several unique scents available, such as: Bare Naked Babies, Smashing Watermeons, Rage Against the Raspberries, and several others.  They offer Soft Rock (for sensitive skin), Classic Rock, and Hard Rock.   They have bundles and sample sizes available so that you can try several and find your favorite!  I received the "Rage Against the Rasperries" scent in the Classic Rock formula.  As soon as I opened the package, I could tell that I would LOVE the scent!  I think that was my favorite part! 

I love that Rockin' Green has a detailed FAQ section on their website.  I read through most of it, and there are some great tips and instructions there - so be sure to check it out!  They include frontloader instructions in this section as well.

I followed the "first time" instructions from their FAQ page when washing my diapers with their detergent for the first time.  I did notice that after soaking as per their instructions, my diapers smelled worse.  They do address this issue in their FAQ section. 

Here is the response:
"Sometimes, it takes a few washes to experience the full benefit of Rockin’ Green. With each wash, Rockin’ Green will work to pull out the trapped in detergent, grime and minerals that are inside your diapers and inserts, which can temporarily cause stink issues or even repelling for some people. If you experience this problem, we would suggest you Rock a Soak overnight and then do several washes with no soap added to flush out all the gunk. Repeat the process until your diapers are clean smelling, and then continue to use Rockin’ Green at the recommended dosage for day to day washings."

I followed the new instructions, and they did start smelling normal again, but they seemed to leak much more than before I started using Rockin' Green.  My daughter has also had more diaper rashes since using Rockin' Green detergent (which may or may not be related).  I did only have 2 sample packs to use (4 loads), so keep that in mind when reading this review.  It seems as though the longer you use it, the better it works.  However, with what I saw in my diapers, I am not willing to pay more money for this particular detergent.

Again, many moms LOVE Rockin' Green detergent and I am not trying to discourage you from trying it for yourself, I am just letting you know how it worked (or didn't) for us.

Here's your chance to try it for yourself!!  Rockin' Green is offering a 45/90 load bag of detergent in the winner's choice of scent/formula!! 

How to Enter
(1 entry) Let me know what scent/formula you would like if you won
(1 entry) Follow So Mommy by Google Connect
(1 entry) Like Rockin' Green on Facebook here

Giveaway will end January 18, 2011 at 5 p.m.  Winner will be drawn by a random number generator and contacted by email.  If winner doesn't respond in 48 hours, another winner will be picked.  Available to U.S. residents.

**I received a sample of Rockin' Green in exchange for my review.  See full disclosure for more information.**
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