Monday, January 17, 2011

Bach Kids' Rescue Remedy

This review has taken me awhile to write, mainly because I wanted to make sure if it actually worked or not (I'm pretty cautious when it comes to medicine type things).  So as you read, I want to assure you that - yes, we did try this stuff!  I ALWAYS try products that I receive (or I have a close friend/family member help out if it's not in the right age range for my daughter).  I just want to make sure to remind you of that - you know, just in case you didn't know. 

I received Bach Kids' Rescue Remedy to try from Nelsons Natural World.  Let me share a little about Bach Kids' Rescue Remedy before I start into my review. Here is some information from their website:

"Dr. Edward Bach's original blend of five individual flower remedies is newly-available in a non-drowsy, alcohol-free fomula just for children.  Non-habit forming, Bach Kids' RESCUE Remedy was created to naturally treat your child's emotions.

This combination works to ease your child's stress.  Dr. Bach's system selects each of the five flower remedies in Bach Kids' Rescue Remedy based on their unique contribution to your child's overall sense of calm:
  • Rock Rose for stress and anxiety
  • Impatiens for irritation and impatience
  • Clematis for inattentiveness
  • Star of Bethlehem for agitation
  • Cherry Plum for irrational thoughts"
I'm one of those moms that doesn't really like to give medicine unless it is really needed, so I was very curious about a natural stress remedy for kids.  After reading all of the information provided, I was at ease with trying this product...but my first thought was "does my 2 year old have stress?"...I didn't think so, so I let my sister use try it on her 2 year old son first.  He has been experiencing separation issues, especially around naptme/bedtime.  This may or may not be considered "stress," but my sister and I both thought it couldn't hurt to try it out!  It wasn't a miracle for his sleeping issues, he still cried and got out of bed, but we tried.  Since it's natural, we didn't have to worry about trying it on him. 

On to test #2....with Sydney.  Have you ever heard of BloggerDad?  If not, you should check out his blog - it is hilarious!  Well, I came across his blog one day and read a few of his funny blog posts.  I came across one called Psychotic Toddler Syndrome, and it made me laugh so I shared it with my husband...and we both laughed because we have seen kids act this way, but Sydney has always been a pretty mild-mannered child (she cries when she falls down, but could usually care less if you tell her no or make her wait, etc).  Well, of course since I happened. 

Over the next couple of days Sydney had SEVERAL toddler breakdowns over a lot of nothing (you know those tantrums - when no one knows what happened to cause it).  One evening, Sydney screamed and threw a tantrum if we looked at her, if our dogs came close to her, pretty much over anything.  So I made the decision that she needed something, and Bach Kids' Rescue Remedy seemed like the only choice (I didn't want to give her acetominophin or ibuprofen if she didn't need it).  So I told my hubby hold her like a baby and I gave her 4 drops of Bach Kids' Rescue Remedy (this was not an easy task since she was refusing medicine).  The remedy comes in a small bottle with it's own easy- dispense dropper, if your child is willing to take medicine!  Amazingly enough, within 20 minutes she was a completely different child.  I was amazed.  She went from an emotionally un-stable toddler to a fairly calm child again!! 

So I am definitely a believer in this stuff!  As a mom, I'm glad that there are some natural remedies that work out there.  I'm sure that natural remedies don't work exactly the same on everyone, but I'm more willing to try a natural remedy first.

Check out Bach Kids' Remedies HERE.  The products are available from many retailers online and also in many Whole Foods Markets.  They retail for around $12.95, which seems expensive for a small bottle...but remember you only use 4 drops at a time, so a bottle will last awhile!
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