Monday, August 23, 2010

Sock 'n Boots - Winners!

Winner #1 - Jennifer S., who said, "I would like to see 1 about telling the truth"

Winner #2 - Shawna, who said, "Entry 1: I have already "liked" So Mommy
Entry 2 : I would love to see more manners i.e. Yes Ma'am, No Ma'am, Please and thank you. I think it is soo sweet to see little ones use these. Entry 3: I have learned that Boots and I should get along quiet well. We both love Chocolate Cake! LOL"

Winner #3 - Jgmulligan, who said, "socks is younger"

Thanks for entering! Look for another giveaway this week!  Plus I will have a special post about why I have been a little slower on reviews and giveaways lately :)
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