Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dapple Baby

What do you use to clean your baby's bottles and toys?  Ever wonder what exactly is in those products?  Ever wonder if  you need to rinse and re-rinse after cleaning, but before your child touches/licks all over it?  I have used the clorox spray to clean many of Sydney's toys, but I always felt like I should wash them off with water before I gave them back to her...I didn't want to think about any residue getting in her mouth.  Yes, maybe I'm a little paranoid about some things.  I used regular dish liquid to wash all of her bottles / nipples and never really thought anything about it.  Until I came across Dapple Baby.  After seeing how gentle and safe their products are, I wondered why it never occurred to me that dish liquid may leave a residue that could end up in her mouth.  She never had any problems while I was using the Clroox/Dawn/Etc, but once I realized there were baby safe products out there (other than baby laundry detergent), I was so excited!!  One less thing for me to have to worry about!

I was very excited to be able to review the Dapple Baby Safe Dish liquid and toy wipes, because as we all know, being baby safe doesn't always mean that it is strong enough to get things clean.  Some "baby safe" products don't clean very well at all.  I've been using the Dapple Baby Dish liquid for a few weeks now on Sydney's sippy cups and straw cups, and it has definitely done it's job!  It cleans very well!!  At first, I didn't really like the smell - it's kind of an herb kind of smell - I have gotten used to the fragrance free stuff that has no smell at all.  After a few uses, I decided that I actually like the smell.  It helps combat the milk smell in her cups, which is GREAT!

I would recommend Dapple Baby products to anyone with kids, but especially if you have a sensitive child.  It would probably also be great for getting the formula smell out of bottles.  You can buy Dapple Baby in large quantities from their website HERE or in smaller quantities from diapers.com or toysrus.com.

**I received Dapple Baby Products in exchange for my honest review, which I have given.  No other compensation was received.  See full disclaimer for more information.**
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