Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to Pack a Giraffe - Book Review

I received "How to Pack a Giraffe" by April Beker from the Dorrance Publishing Review Team this month.  I chose this book because it sounded like a fun book..and the cover picture of a giraffe NOT fitting in a suitcase made me laugh. 

"How to Pack a Giraffe" is a book about a little boy who sees the circus leaving town and wonders how they pack up all those animals, but most especially, how do they pack up the giraffe?  He searches for the answer at the library, but still can't figure it out.  A year later, when the circus comes back to town, the little boy has a chance to ask a circus man.  The circus man tells him about the special trailer the giraffe has.

I thought this was a very cute book for kids.  I think most kids have a lot of questions about the circus and animals, and this book helps them answer one of those questions.  It is a pretty short book with very colorful pictures.  The book itself is small in size, so it's great to stick in your bag to carry with you for reading on the go.  It is paperback, but we've carried it around and it has survived! 

**I received this book from Dorrance Publishing in exchange for my honest review.**
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