Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Father's Gifts

I came across a jewelry site called “My Father's Gifts” and found a necklace I just LOVED (right before Mother's Day). I had already been in contact with the seller about doing a review or giveaway, but her computer crashed (literally) and we weren't able to talk for a few days. Before I had finalized plans with her, my husband surprised me with the necklace I wanted for Mother's Day! Since she was having computer problems and shipped it out later than she planned, she even included a free pair of matching earrings! 

I absolutely LOVE the necklace and earrings! The stones are beautiful. Sydney likes to touch the earrings, so I don't get to wear them often, but I love it when I do get to wear them. I get to feel “girly” for a little while. The necklace has “Faith” inscribed around it, which I love. It is a good reminder to me that God will provide if I have a little faith. Apparently, we didn't take any Mother's Day pictures this year, so I don't even have a picture of it, but trust's beautiful!!

You should definitely check out My Father's Gifts. She has a large selection of beautiful jewelry, and I'm sure you could find something perfect for yourself or any special lady in your life.  Her jewelry is VERY reasonably priced, and still very pretty and good quality.  Don't hesitate to ask if you are looking for something, I'm sure she will try to help you out!  You can see her blog HERE or her Facebook page HERE

Here are a few pictures of her items:

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