Monday, April 12, 2010

Temper Tantrum??

This is my sweet 14 1/2 month old baby girl, Sydney.  I love everything about her.  Mostly.  I love how she smiles so sweetly in the mornings, how she brushes her hair with her spoon, how she feeds herself with a fork (upside-down), how she tries hard to run with the "big" kids, how she pets (a little too hard sometimes) our dog (Hypnos), how she has her daddy wrapped around her finger, and everything else.  Mostly. 

Recently, she has discovered her attitude (possibly inherited from me according to my family, and I can't deny it).  She has learned to deliberately disobey and throw a tantrum when she gets in too much trouble.  I'll give you an example.  She points at something she's not supposed to have, I say "No-no Sydney, don't touch"...she "sneaks" closer and grabs it.  I say "No touching, put it back"...sometimes she does, but mostly I have to "help" her put it back.  She grabs it again, I hold her hand (so she has to look at me), say "Mommy said don't touch that"....She then throws her hands in the air, shakes them, and squeals (This part is hard for me to not laugh at---it looks so funny)!  Then proceed to cry and cry and cry.  This part makes it hard for me to not pick her up and console her.  It's even harder for daddy.  I had to tell him not to pick her up twice in a row last night.  But my mom said ignoring a tantrum is the best way to help get rid of them.

See how pitiful this part is?  Who wouldn't want to pick her up and hug her?  This is the new side of Sydney that hardly anyone (except mommy & daddy) get to see...Lucky for me, she hasn't really done any of this in public. Yet.

How do you all deal with tantrums?  Any funny kid stories you want to share?  I LOVE to hear stories about other peoples sweet children :)
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