Saturday, April 17, 2010

PakNak Charms Review

What’s a PakNak?

A PakNak is a soft, rubbery 3-D decoration that can be used on backpack, lunchboxes, strollers, headbands….well, pretty much anything you want! PakNaks are attached to Velcro which attaches to YOUR favorite object or bag by using a strong adhesive. They are weather resistant and easily interchangeable! PakNaks are sold individually, and there are a LOT to collect! See them all HERE. You can even print coloring pages on the website HERE so your kids can color their own PakNaks!

What did my ((little)) tester think?

Well, these are recommended for ages 4 and up because they can present choking hazards to small children. If you attach these where younger kids can see them, be SURE to watch them closely. Sydney loves to touch “Mona” the flower. The 3-D texture definitely catches her attention. Each PakNak comes with a card that tells you about them. For example, “Mona” lives in Robert’s Garden and her best friend is “Bella Bee”. Older kids would definitely enjoy reading about their PakNaks. I think they are a great way to personalize your kids bags for school or daycare. It is an easy way to help your child learn to find their own bag. The adhesive works great, and I love that they use Velcro! As your child gets older or changes what he/she likes (as most kids do so often), a new PakNak can be easily put in place of the “old” one.

Play the PakNak Game HERE

Check out PakNak HERE

**I received PakNaks free of charge for my honest review. Myself or a close family member will always personally try out each product received. See my full disclaimer for more details.**
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