Monday, August 27, 2012

Tales of Goldstone Wood by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

Description of 'Heartless' from CBD:
"Princess Una of Parumvir has come of age and will soon be married. She dreams of a handsome and charming prince, but when the first suitor arrives, she finds him stodgy and boring. Prince Aethelbald from the mysterious land of Farthestshore has traveled far to prove his love--and also to bring hushed warnings of danger. A dragon is rumored to be approaching Parumvir. Una, smitten instead with a more dashing prince, refuses Aethelbald's offer--and ignores his warnings. Soon the Dragon King himself is in Parumvir, and Una, in giving her heart away unwisely, finds herself in grave danger. Only those courageous enough to risk everything have a hope of fighting off this advancing evil."

Description of 'Veiled Rose' from CBD:
"Rose Red trusts no one with her secret. She hides in the forest, her face veiled in rags, shunning the company of all save her old father and her nanny goat. Her life is bleak and lonely.
Until she meets a privileged young man sent to spend his summer in the mountains. Leo, a lonely lad, befriends Rose Red, and together they begin hunting for the Mountain Monster which, rumor says, stalks these lands.But the hunt which began as a game holds greater risk than Leo supposes."

"Desperate to regain the trust of his kingdom, Prince Lionheart reluctantly banishes his faithful servant and only friend, Rose Red. Now she is lost in the hidden realm of Arpiar, held captive by her evil goblin father, King Vahe.
Vowing to redeem himself, Lionheart plunges into the mysterious Goldstone Wood, seeking Rose Red. In strange other worlds, Lionheart must face a lyrical yet lethal tiger, a fallen unicorn, and a goblin horde on his quest to rescue the girl he betrayed.
With the Night of Moonblood fast approaching, when King Vahe seeks to wake the Dragon's sleeping children, Lionheart must discover whether or not his heart contains courage before it's too late for Rose Red... and all those he loves."

"When a cursed dragon-witch kidnaps the lovely Lady Gleamdren, Eanrin sets boldly forth on a rescue mission... and a race against his rival for Gleamdren's favor. Intent upon his quest, the last thing the immortal Faerie needs is to become mixed up with the troubles of an insignificant mortal.
But when he stumbles upon a maiden trapped in an enchanted sleep, he cannot leave her alone in the dangerous Wood Between. One waking kiss later, Eanrin suddenly finds his story entangled with that of young Starflower. A strange link exists between this mortal girl and the dragon-witch. Will Starflower prove the key to Lady Gleamdren's rescue? Or will the dark power from which she flees destroy both her and her rescuer?"

My Thoughts:

I recently finished Books 1-4 in the "Tales of Goldstone Wood" Series by Anne Elisabeth Stengl.  These books are not my "normal" reading material.  I normally shy away from the fantasy fiction books; however these caught my attention for some reason.  Once I started reading, the books were so strange I kept wanting to toss them out, but at the same time they were so strange I just had to keep reading.  Once I finished the first one I decided I needed to go ahead and read the next one.  The more I read, the more sense they began to make to me.  I describe the books as a mix between Narnia and Lord of the Rings (which is still a far-fetched description). These books include goblins, dragons, queens, and many other fantasy aspects.  If you enjoy fantasy books, then you will likely enjoy these. They are very well-written, just not exactly my style of reading.  I would recommend reading them all in order so that they make more sense.
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