Monday, August 27, 2012

Love in Disguise by Carol Cox

From CBD's product description:

"When costume-maker Ellie Moore suddenly finds herself out of a job in the middle of a bleak Chicago winter, she uses her knowledge of theatrical disguise to secure a position as an undercover operative with the Pinkerton Detective Agency. Her assignment: find the culprit behind the theft of silver shipped from the mines near Pickford, Arizona.
Disguised as Lavinia Stewart, a middle-aged widow, Ellie begins her investigation. Soon she finds she must also pose as the dazzling young Jessie Monroe, whose vivacious personality encourages people to talk."

My Thoughts

I enjoyed reading "Love in Disguise" by Carol Cox.  It was a very entertaining book.  I love a good mystery novel, and while this wasn't the most on-the-edge-of-your-seat book, it was very entertaining.  I loved the light humor in the book between the characters and the easy flow of the story.  Carol Cox did a great job writing this book.  The characters were all very unique and seemingly true to the "wild west" that I have always imagined.  The idea that a young girl could successfully pull off a private investigation is a nice change and definitely shows that girls can be strong and successful.  The love story in the book wasn't too "mushy" for me (I hate lovey-dovey books haha).  It was a more subdued love story in which even I was rooting for love to win out in the end!  The ending was a bit too clean for me though, because I didn't see that ending ever happening in real-life, but who knows?  The story would have needed several more chapters for what I'd consider a real-life ending ;)

*I received "Love in Disguise" by Carol Cox in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was received.
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