Thursday, August 25, 2011

Can a necklace really help reflux?

Since having LB, I feel like my life has turned into a whirlwind of craziness!  Do any of you ever feel that way?  It seems like we're always going somewhere or doing something...and when I am home I'm trying to wash the ever-growing dishes and laundry.  I have so many things I have been reviewing (including several books), and I have been wanting to share them all with you, but I haven't had any time to sit down and think (and I want you to be able to understand my reviews haha). 

What I want to talk about today is laundry...I know, boring stuff!  Seriously though, since LB was born my laundry pile is crazy!  It is always a huge pile, and it's not just because she likes to be held.  It's because she has reflux. And spits up. A ton!  It's bad when you have to give a disclaimer before you let someone hold your child, but anytime someone wants to hold her I feel like I need to tell them she's probably going to cover them in spit up. And she almost always does.  Having a reflux baby is no fun...the laundry is crazy, but a lot of times she just seems uncomfortable.  She has been on Prilosec and Zantac, but neither seem to make her feel much better, and I just felt sorry for I started looking for another solution.

Several moms suggested a Hazelwood necklace from Inspired By Finn.  I know what you're thinking.  How can a necklace help reflux?  I thought the same thing, so I started reading about it.  The Hazelwood actually soaks up the excess acid in the body.  It can relieve many acid-related ailments such as acid reflux, ulcers, heartburn, and other acid-related ailments. They can also take the edge off of heartburn and morning sickness during pregnancy.  Hazel wood also helps relieve skin problems such as (psoriasis, eczema, acne, and diaper rash) constipation, headaches, migraines, canker sores, and the occurrence of dental cavities when these ailments are related to excessive acid in the body (and sometimes they are not).  The necklaces do not contain chemical or any medicines, it is just Hazelwood (well, ours has pearl accent beads).

I was very intrigued after reading about them, so I ordered one. The youth necklaces are about $30, which I thought was a great price if it would work.  I waited impatiently to get it in, and she has been wearing it ever since.  We're on month 2 now, and I have definitely noticed a difference!  She doesn't spit up nearly as much!  She does still spit up some, but everyone that was around her before the necklace can definitely see there is a difference.  I have had so many people tell me how cute her necklace is, and when I go on to tell them what it does, they are always amazed!  If you or your child has reflux problems, I would definitely recommend this necklace!

Here is a picture of LB in her necklace

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Look for a review of the Amber necklace for pain coming soon!
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