Thursday, February 10, 2011

Aden + Anais - Swaddle Love Book Review

If you haven't noticed yet, I love books.  In fact, my entire family loves books - so I was excited to be offered another book to read.  Aden + Anais offered me "Swaddle Love" by Raegan Moya-Jones, and since I have a little one on the way I was very excited!  We swaddled Sydney when she was a baby, but mostly because my older sister (who has 2 kids) said it was best and I trusted her.  After reading this book I'm glad I listened!

"Swaddle Love" is an entertaining and practical guide that includes personal stories - humorous and heartfelt. It also explains the history, science, and different techniques of swaddling. "Swaddle Love" was written by an Aussie emigrant and anxious mother-to-be (if you've been pregnant, you've been anxious, right?).  Raegan discusses the successes and challenges, good times and bad, of motherhood.  Realizing the importance of swaddling, she has become a major advocate for reviving this ancient practice.  This book tells why. 

I have really enjoyed reading this book!  As I said earlier, I swaddled Sydney mainly because it worked for my sister's kids, and I trusted that she knew what she was talking about!  After reading this book, I understand a lot more about why she swaddled.  Swaddling creates the secure feeling of being back in the womb, and babies need that feeling sometimes!  I remember a lot of people questioned my sister and I about why we wrapped our babies up like little burritos.  Most people seemed to think that babies shouldn't be wrapped like that - that the baby would want to be free to flail around.  Raegan discusses why people began to think this way about swaddling.  Several different races/countries used some types of swaddling to change babies - such as, to "bind" them and straighten their backs.  This is not the case with modern swaddling!  I love that she includes lots of pictures and even swaddling instructions in the book. 

Oh, if you think new moms don't have much reading time - you're right, and Raegan knows it!  She made this book short - with short chapters - so that even a new mom can squeeze in time to read this one!

Be sure to visit the website HERE to listen to the introduction and 1st chapter!  While you're there - be sure to check out the other items from Aden + Anais.  They have some beautiful Muslin swaddle blankets!
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