Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to my life

Meet Heather:  I am from a small town in Alabama.  I am the mother of a spunky 1 year old daughter named Sydney Marie.  I have been married for 4 years to my husband, Kyle.  I have a college degree (in Finance) that I don't use...well, I claim I use it for family finances :)  I started this blog as a free-time (aka naptime) hobby, but it has quickly become more of a part-time job...which is perfectly fine with me :)  I enjoy sharing my "real mom" views on products that I have tried-- I hope it helps some of you other moms out there.  I also enjoy helping other moms promote their businesses! 

Meet Sydney:  She is the most even-tempered child in the world and gets too much attention for her own good.  She has done her part in flagging down waiters/waitresses at restaurants, making cashiers smile, and basically getting attention from anyone around us. 

Meet Kyle:  My wonderful husband who loves me dearly, even if I do spend a lot of time blogging :)  He has a "real job" working with computers (and people, but computer geeks are better at communicating with computers).  He is a wonderful dad...I know this because he changes diapers! 

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