Monday, June 27, 2016

Chick-fil-A One - GET IT NOW! #CFAOne


If you haven't heard about Chick-fil-A One yet, then you are WAY behind! Ok, maybe not way behind, but you are definitely missing out!

This app allows you to place your order and pay for it from your phone, then click a button when you pull in the parking lot to let them know you have arrived.  They will have your order ready for you! Easy peasy, no lines to wait in!  I use this so that I can grab my food and not have to wait in line with my 3 kiddos because who really wants to stand in line with 3 kids??

So go try it out and let me know what you think!  Oh, and don't forget Cow Appreciation Day 2016 is COMING!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Chick-fil-A Upcycle! #ChickfilamomsDIY

So awhile back I posted about being selected for the 2015-16 Chick-fil-a MomPanel, and since then we have had the opportunity to try many different items from CFA!  My family (almost) always gets calendar's awesome because I get to try things I may not normally try, and this year was even better because I've gotten to try even more items thanks to the MomPanel!

For Mother's Day, I received a very sweet card with some freebies and a challenge!  I was able to try the Southwestern Salad.....but I'm not a huge fan of spicy so I have it to my husband (who assured me it was a great salad!)...I tried the Cobb Salad, which I've never ordered until now.  It was SO good (I've eaten it twice since then!)

 ((This is my husbands Southwestern Salad))

So onto the challenge (my favorite part):

We were challenged to upcycle the salad container into something new.  I had to think on it for awhile, but I came up with a few simple ideas:

1) Reuse it for leftovers - it's even dishwasher safe!

2) Create a succulent garden - it's the perfect size and would make a cute little centerpiece. Check out this one from A  new dawnn.

3) Make a bird feeder - use your imagination and make it blend in with the surroundings. Check out this one from Dazed Jenn!

I just didn't think I wanted to do those I kept thinking. And thinking. And I finally came up with a few practical, but still creative ideas!

1). A berry drain - rinse your berries in the black base  (I had bought a bucket of strawberries from a strawberry festival),  put the lid on tightly and flip container upside down onto some paper towels; there are already 4 small holes in the lid so it will drain and keep your berries from sitting in water!  This will definitely come in handy for blueberries, also!

2). Kid's travel kit - I have 3 daughters and they all LOVE to draw, color, create!  So with my 2nd container I made a travel kit to contain their 'stuff' in the car!  I included coloring pages, colored pencils (crayons are great in the winter, but WILL melt if left in the car during the summer in AL), a ruler, and a board book for drawing ideas.  This keeps the mess contained in the car AND it gives them a hard surface to draw on, WIN!

3). First Aid Kit - because boo boos happen:  we always have band aids, but that's pretty much it.  And with 3 kids we need more...especially during the summer months when we are outside so much. So with my 3rd container (I told you that we love Chick-fil-a right?!) I created a first aid kit to keep in our car!  I included neosporin, many types of band aids, gauze, tape, alcohol swabs, nail clippers, and more....and you know what? We have already had to use it once (on a minor boo boo).

I really hope you enjoy these #ChickfilaMomDIY ideas, and I hope next time you get one of these containers you'll think of what you can do with it!

Thanks again Chick-fil-a and the MomPanel!!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tantrum Thursday

Well I missed posting last week due to circumstances haha (more on that at a later date). So here are our tantrums for the past 2 weeks...I hope you get a little chuckle from them!!

 What tantrums have you seen at your house this week?

Friday, September 18, 2015

*NEW* Join the Chick-fil-A Kids Club!

As I shared in this post I am on the Chick-fil-A Mom Panel for 2015-2016 and I'm super excited - I heard we're getting special welcome packages in the mail!!  My family would eat Chick-fil-A every day if I'd take them....seriously!  

Someone recently asked what I'd do on a date night with my husband and I said we'd go to Chick-fil-A because I can send the kids to the play area while my husband and I talk and eat peacefully.  
Yes, our kids are with us almost 24/7 (with the main exception being Tuesday and Thursday mornings).  Yes, they have grandparents that they see often.  No, I do not regret having kids or spending so much time with them.  No, I'm not judging you for sending your kids off to school or grandma's house.  Just thought I'd get all of those questions out of the way so we can move on to more important things...

Like food. And Chick-fil-A. And Kids activities. Specifically Chick-fil-A's new Kids Club!

Their kids club is supposed to be unlike most other kids clubs.  Here is what they say about it:
"Kids Club puts a unique twist on important values, positively influencing the world’s greatest kids – your kids! Each month, we get together for games, crafts and challenges designed especially for Kids Club members."
 My kids and I are excited to join the kids club.  They will get a welcome packet and they will be able to go to our local Chick-fil-A and participate in fun activities!  Please visit the Kids Club website to register your child(ren) and join in the fun!

Tantrum Thursday

These tantrum posts just make me laugh...toddlers are such quirky little creatures!

Ok, so this last one isn't my toddler.  It's my pre-schooler (who can throw a tantrum better than any toddler I've seen when she's mad).  We went outside this week to check on the (little) pumpkin we have been accidentally growing in our yard....only to find that someone had pulled the vine out of the ground and pulled the pumpkin from the vine.  My kids (ages 6, 4, and 1) were all so upset that their pumpkin had been taken! 
(Update on the Great Pumpkin coming soon!)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tantrum Thursday

If you've ever lived with a toddler (or preschooler) then you know that they are capable of throwing some insane tantrums....over CrAzY things that make no sense to a 'normal' person.  As a mom of 3 ((darling)) girls, I know that sometimes you have to laugh at these moments to keep yourself sane.  So from now on I'm taking note of the crazy tantrums in our house and adding them to our weekly 'Tantrum Thursday' blog post.  

I hope you find these as entertaining as I do...oh and feel free to send me your pictures - you mind find them featured on my next Tantrum Thursday post!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

We're back!

In case you have all been wondering where I have been....well here goes:

I started homeschooling my oldest daughter who is now 6 and my middle daughter (now 4)....AND I had a baby (who is now 15 months)!!  Somehow life got away with me and I found myself with no blogging/reading/cleaning time.  BUT NOW I'M BACK!

We are still homeschooling (another post on all that is coming SOON).  My kids are still wild and crazy.  I still love blogging and reviewing so be prepared - it's coming full force! haha

So what's my current project? Let me tell you now that I'm a little excited about this one....
I was chosen to be on the 2015-2016 Chick-fil-a Mom Panel!  My family LOOOOOVES Chick-fil-a (for many reasons) so I'm super excited to see what's in store for me! I'm just gonna leave you all with this fun video for now...